Physics/Principles of Technology I
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Conceptual Physics (Hewitt, 2009)
Chapter 6: Newton's Second Law of Motion--Force
and Acceleration
(Download Power Point)

Chapter 7: Newton's Third Law of Motion--Action
and Reaction
(Download Power Point)

Chapter 8: Momentum (Download Power Point)

Chapter 9: Energy (Download Power Point)

Chapter 10: Circular Motion (Download Power Point)

Chapter 11: Rotational Equilibrium

Applied Physics
Chapter 0: Introduction to Physics
Chapter 1: Physics Tool Kit
  • Section 1.8 Calculations with Measurements
  • Section 1.9 Problem-Solving Method
Chapter 2: Vectors
Chapter 3: Motion
Chapter 4: Force
Chapter 5: Momentum
Chapter 6: Concurrent and Parallel Forces
Chapter 7: Work and Energy
Chapter 8: Rotational Motion
Chapter 9: Simple Machines
Chapter 10 Universal Gravitational and Satellite Motion

Physics in Context
Chapter 1: Prime Movers
Chapter 2: Work
- Worksheet: MA and ME
Chapter 3: Rates