Integrated Science, Grade 8
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Attention! Here are temporary links to access
pages/information for the foldables from class:

Global Winds and Oceans, pp. 152-155

Local and Global Weather, pp. 157-160

Here are temporary links for the outlines worked on from Friday,
2/21, to Wednesday, 2/27.

Lesson 12: Days, Years, and Seasons

Lesson 13: Phases of the Moon and Tides

Lesson 14: The Sun and Other Stars

Here is a link to instructions for the box bug lab. Note: The
procedure begins at the bottom of the first page and ends at the
bottom of the second page.  The top of the third page gives
instructions for the graphs.  Since you were absent, your
instructor will give you data generated by computer simulation.  
The instructions in the link simply serve to help you understand
how the data would have been collected if you were present the
day of the lab investigation.

Box Bug Procedure