About Mr. Zamora

Mr. Zamora holds a B.S. and a M.S. in Biology and is certified to teach both science
and mathematics.  He has taught, developed, and introduced science courses at all
levels from middle school  through  college.  He has worked as a biological technician
for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and as a biologist for the Texas Parks
and Wildlife Department.  His background in scientific research brings real
perspective and enrichment to his courses.  He maintains interest in science
education, natural history interpretation, data modeling, vertebrate ecology and
conservation biology.  When he is not teaching, he continues to conduct and
participate in various research activities.  He enjoys playing basketball, birdwatching,
bowling, and spending time with his family.

Curriculum Vitae
Immediately above and left: A little too much fun at
Enchanted Springs Ranch, Boerne, TX.  Below, left to right:
Zamora siblings.  Mr. Zamora has the pole position just
ahead  of Mrs. Zamora, daughters co-piloting.  Top of page,
from left to right: A photo of a banded White-eyed Vireo
before release.  Students work to quantify vegetation on the
sand dunes of South Padre Island.  Zamora and students
study bird diversity at
La Sal del Rey.  A juvenile Great Plains
Ratsnake.  Student readies a pencil launcher to study the
physics of projectile motion.