6.7 Billion Consumers...
can place a significant strain
on earth's natural and
dependent human systems.
Texas' Official Mammal That
Couldn't Cross the Road
Highways are formidable
barriers to cross for many
vertebrates and invertebrates.
This Nine-banded Armadillo
was hit by an automobile on
US 281 about 20 miles nor
of Edinburg, Texas.
Provides a list of topics to
be covered, tentative lab
schedule, and other
Lecture notes, mostly Power
Point presentations.
Useful links outside this website related to environmental science.

Permission Slip for 12-12-2008
Spring Break Assignment
A list of labs and other resources
useful for completing the laboratory
component for this course.
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AP Environmental Science

Ecological Services
Adult odonates are predators of other flying
Photo Album
Pictures of field excursions, lab activities, and more.  
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